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What Is A Commercial Location Accident?

A commercial location accident is an accident that takes place in a commercially owned building. Determining fault in such accidents is difficult for many reasons, but you deserve compensation if you have an injury due to unsafe conditions on a commercial property.

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A Complicated Form Of Premises Liability

The concept of premises liability is fairly simple. If a place is unsafe and a person injures themselves there, the owner of that place is liable for the injury. Dangerous conditions could be considered:

  • Wet floors from a spill or clean up
  • Poor lighting in a parking lot or garage
  • Poorly secured locks on rooms and lockers
  • Obvious tripping hazards

In a general sense, if a person has an injury caused by an unsafe condition, the party responsible for maintaining that space is liable.

However, the responsible party may not be the party you initially thought. On a commercial premise, liability may lie with the owner of the business, the owner of the property or both. This is dependent mainly on the leasing agreement of the company and the circumstances of the accident.

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