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Personal Injury Claims For Accidental Amputations

If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation due to an accident, trauma, illness, or as the result of a surgery, you may have a claim to fight your case in court. The team at Paul B. Weitz & Associates, PC, has experience with loss of limb cases and will seek justice and due compensation for you.

For us, you are not just another case. Our clients will always get honest answers and a pragmatic look at your specific situation and possible case. We provide knowledgeable advice and caring representation for your legal situation.


Medical malpractice

Failure to diagnose cancer by a Bronx physician, in a 16-year-old boy.


Medical malpractice

Failure to diagnose blood vessel obstruction by New York City hospital.



Failure to diagnose vascular insufficiency resulting in the amputation.

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Amputation Causes | We Can Help You

Amputation can result from an accident or medical malpractice. A car accident can result in the loss of a limb. So can negligence by a surgeon or other health care professional, such as when a doctor fails to properly treat an infected leg or arm.

Our law firm understands how losing one or more body parts can affect your quality of life, as well as your ability to earn an income and take care of your family. We will work hard to bring you maximum compensation in a trial verdict or a settlement.

Have You Suffered An Amputation?

Our team of personal injury lawyers wants to help your amputation case. We have experience trying severe injury cases and winning large settlements. Call today at 212-346-0045 .

You may also use our online form to schedule a complimentary consultation. Clients can visit our New York City office location or speak with an attorney to get started on their case. Do not wait to consult with legal representation on your amputation case. Hablamos Español.