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Experienced Legal Representation After Roof And Wall Collapse Accidents

While working at a construction site, at the office or maybe at home in New York, individuals could be injured after a roof or wall collapse. Unfortunate events like these occur due to a third party’s negligence, and you as a victim could be entitled to compensation.

At Paul B. Weitz & Associates, PC, our personal injury clients and peers have recognized the dedication of our lawyers. From handling highly complex cases to only addressing the concerns of a potential client, we are truly committed to the welfare of every person and client.

What Causes Roof And Wall Collapses?

A structural collapse can happen without any warning at all. We like to think of the roof and walls as solid, but the truth is, they can and do fall for many reasons, including:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Structural issues
  • Construction defects
  • Faulty materials

Whichever the cause is, it might lead to catastrophic consequences, and you or your loved one should receive fair compensation to protect your welfare.

Reliable, Dedicated And Personalized Legal Assistance

Injuries due to a roof or wall collapse may range from superficial bruises and cuts to limb amputation, traumatic spinal cord injuries and brain damage, among other severe injuries. Other damages include psychological trauma. Your injuries might be preventing you from working, or your earning capacity might have decreased as a result.

Our attorneys at Paul B. Weitz & Associates, PC, will consider all of these aspects, the evidence and testimonials available to ensure you are fairly compensated. We will go to court with you if required. Our results include multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for the benefit of our clients. You do not pay your fees until we recover your compensation.

Your Welfare Is Our Priority

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