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Liability And Negligence In Pedestrian Accidents

The law firm of Paul B. Weitz & Associates, PC, provides skilled representation for New York City residents who have been harmed while standing, walking, running or being injured in a crosswalk. If you or your loved one has suffered an injury or wrongful death from a pedestrian accident, we want to hear from you.

Due to the vulnerable nature of pedestrians near motor vehicles, roads, motorcycles and bikes, we take special care to review your pedestrian case and pursue compensation for the negligence of others. Motorists can cause serious accidents when they do not observe traffic laws regarding pedestrians — though pedestrians can share some of the liability in a crash.



65-year-old woman injured when she falls through gap between LIRR train and platform.


Pedestrian knockdown

A New York City Transit Authority bus struck a pedestrian crossing the street

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Duty Of Care As A Pedestrian

Drivers on the road need to observe “duty of care,” or take care to watch for pedestrians and keep them safe. Walkers are also responsible for their duty of care by watching for vehicles and obeying road rules. Being partially at fault for an accident may result in only partial recovery of damages, but this should not stop you from pursuing your claim.

Pursuing Pedestrian Accident Claims

Our firm upholds the tradition of providing excellent legal help. Our lawyers have experience with over 100 cases that have settlements more than $1 million. If you are injured while walking or running, you need an experienced attorney to represent you. Call today for a free consultation at 212-346-0045 . Clients may also use our online form day or night to schedule a session with one of our attorneys. Hablamos Español.