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Serious Motorcycle Accidents | We Fight For Large Settlements

The injury attorney team at Paul B. Weitz & Associates, PC, has the experience to handle serious motorcycle incidents that involve other drivers, motorcycle passengers or the city of New York. With a proven success record of large settlements for motorcycle accident cases, our team is ready to fight for you in court. We handle cases involving another driver, manufacturer faults or against the city of New York.



The case involved a male riding a motorcycle struck by New York Police Department police

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New York Motorcycle Laws | What You Need To Know

Being on a motorcycle, you are more at risk of a serious injury in an accident. However, this does not bar you from recovery if you were in a serious accident. We will fight hard to recover compensation for your pain and suffering, bills and lost wages.

Motorcycle Accident Help | We Will Consult On Your Case

Contact our team of lawyers at our New York City office if you have been in a motorcycle accident. We can help you recover damages to property and medical coverage for injuries. Call 212-346-0045 for a free consultation on your case. You may also schedule a consultation day or night with our online form. Hablamos Español.