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Representing People Hurt By Lyft And Uber Accidents

Lyft and Uber are some of the most common ways for New Yorkers to get around by car. They’re so common that some reports claim that in 2020, Uber alone performed over 500,000 rides per day. Of course, those numbers have changed since then, but many rideshares are still happening each day. And that means a significant number of rideshare accidents.

At Paul B. Weitz & Associates, PC, we have significant experience providing thorough, compassionate legal services to people injured in car accidents. Our Lyft and Ubert attorneys have worked with people suffering from all kinds of injuries. We aim to get you the money you deserve to proceed with your case.

Who Is Liable For Rideshare Accidents In NYC?

In New York City, because drivers are not employees of the ridesharing app, the drivers are responsible. However, by law, rideshare drivers must carry liability insurance for accidents. So this means you can pursue compensation for your injuries through the car’s driver.

But, there are some wrinkles to this process. New York City law makes specific changes for the type of coverage you get depending on the app’s “status” during the accident. If the driver is merely signed in and not actively on a trip request, the potential payout is much less significant than if they are signed in.

No Matter The App’s Status, You Deserve Compensation

You choose a rideshare app for convenience. However, you should not sacrifice your safety for the sake of a quick ride. That’s why we take on these cases. We aggressively represent clients to ensure they get the treatment and help they deserve after any rideshare accident.

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