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Can marijuana use lead to a motor vehicle accident?

Marijuana is becoming much more acceptable in our society. Although it is still illegal under federal law, many states have taken steps to decriminalize or even legalize the drug. Regardless of one's position on this matter, one fact is true: marijuana use can affect an individual's ability to safely drive a motor vehicle. A driver who is under the influence of marijuana is more likely to cause a motor vehicle accident compared to a sober motorist.

Personal injury claims and pain and suffering damages

If you've recently been injured in a motor vehicle accident, then you're probably feeling the financial ramifications of that event. Medical bills can quickly become overwhelming, and missing work to focus on your recovery can lead to lost wages. Taken together, you can be left in a precarious financial predicament. Fortunately, a personal injury lawsuit may help alleviate these losses if the accident that left you hurt was caused by the negligence of another.

Car accidents and vicarious liability

Many of the vehicles on New York's roadways are business vehicles. Semi-trucks, delivery trucks, vans, and even some passenger vehicles that are driven for business purposes can surround an individual while driving. Sadly, just because a person is driving for business doesn't mean that he or she will drive safely. Distracted, drunk and tired driving knows no bounds, meaning that even those who drive for a living can cause a devastating accident that leaves innocent and unsuspecting motorists seriously injured.

Pedestrian deaths have spiked, cell phones partially to blame

It doesn't take a genius to realize that New York is filled with pedestrians. For many, walking is the best way to get to where they're going, while others must walk to find another mode of transportation, be it a taxi, rideshare or subway, to go further distances. While walking in our city shouldn't be a dangerous endeavor - after all, one would think that New Yorkers would be used to driving near pedestrians - this simple act can prove fatal. Sadly, a recent study has shown that pedestrians are at a greater risk of being injured or killed in car accidents than they have been at any other point in the last 30 years.

Study: cell phone while driving still problematic

Distracted driving seems to be an ever-increasing problem throughout New York and across the country. Motorists are becoming far too confident in their ability to multi-task while driving, which means that they take their eyes off the road for disturbingly long periods of time. In these seemingly fleeting moments when their attention is diverted, these motorists can swerve into oncoming traffic, blow through a stoplight or fail to yield to a pedestrian.

Truck accidents and hours of service

It's really no secret that semi-trucks pose a serious threat to other motorist on the road. This is especially true when they are driven negligently or they are improperly maintained. Those who are injured in an accident caused by a big rig should consider taking legal action because if they are successful they may be able to recover compensation for their damages. To do so, though, they must be able to satisfy certain legal elements.

Car accidents and contributory negligence

Nobody is perfect, even when it comes to driving. Most people have neglected to use a turn signal or have sped at one time or another. Fortunately, most of the time, these minor infractions turn out to be nothing more that small violations of the law. Sometimes, though, these driving errors can contribute to an accident. When this happens, motorists may find themselves wondering if their mistakes will prevent them from pursuing compensation from another motorist who caused the crash in question.

Alcohol and drugs can drastically affect driving ability

Federal, state and local governments, as well as countless nonprofit organizations and law enforcement agencies, have expended enormous amounts of time, effort and money in an attempt to combat drunk driving. Despite their efforts, though, the fact remains that drunk driving is a problem that will continue to plague New York for the foreseeable future. In fact, whether such efforts have actually curtailed drunk driving accidents is debatable. The same is holding true for those who drive under the influence of drugs, which seems to be on the rise.

Aggressive advocacy needed to combat medical malpractice defenses

If you've ever been surrounded by semi-trucks and suddenly found yourself anxious, you're not alone. These massive vehicles can strike fear into the bravest amongst us, and for good reason. When driven negligently, semi-trucks can cause a massive amount of devastation. Not only can vehicles be completely destroyed in truck accidents, but victims can suffer serious injuries. The worst cases result in death. On top of that, truck accidents are more common than many individuals think.

Distracted driving more common than many think

Technological advances have changed just about everything in our lives, including driving. Improved safety features allow a car to alert us when there is a vehicle in our blind spot, backup cameras help reduce the risk of backing into a vehicle or a person and even self-driving cars are promising to reduce user error. While these advances may be advantageous to motorists, roadway safety still depends on one thing: paying attention.

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